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Our Story

While Burlesque was going through a massive revival internationally,  the majority of South Africa hadn’t even heard of the term 10 years ago. Even though entertainment venues such as Sun City still hosted traditional “Vegas Styled” Showgirl performances, the true art form behind burlesque had not yet been actively practiced or promoted. That is until a dreamer with a passion for all things decadent fell in love with corsets and glitter. The more this dreamer researched, the greater the lure was to step into the enchanted world of Burlesque. 

What started as an interest for Diva Disastar, had grown into a thriving and ever growing industry …

Tastefully titillating
South Africa since 2007. 

 We are proud to provide premier cabaret, cirque and burlesque entertainment for any theme or occasion and have a vast array of fabulous acts and Artistes to choose from. Thriving on originality and opulence, we offer everything from bawdy comedic acts, to glamorous Ostrich Fan shows; with the guarantee that every act is tastefully titillating!