About Us

Our primary objective is to empower people by expressing inner sensuality through an art form that does not degrade one’s self esteem, but elevates everyone to the status of sensual goddess/gods.
The pressures put on our bodies in today’s society have people down-playing their uniqueness, and coercing them into believing in the over-sexualized body ideals put forward by fashion mags and men’s magazines. Burlesque offers an escape from the confines of social constructs; giving people of all sorts a safe and creative space where they can feel good about themselves, for themselves. We aim to help people around the globe get access to this life-changing experience and  let people gain self acknowledgement on their own terms through engagement with classes and speciality workshops.
BOB, as it is fondly referred to by students,  has trained and performed alongside some of the best burlesque artistes across the country. Striving for uniqueness and individuality, performers are given a fully extensive burlesque education that goes beyond the 5, 6, 7, 8’s; and provides a platform for both professional and budding burlesquers / boylesquers to explore.  

Black Orchid Burlesque S.A.  continues to provide a vast array of dazzling premiere burlesque entertainment for any occasion  as well as designing and coordinating Themed Dinner Theatre packages for Restaurants, Corporate functions or Private Events.

Black Orchid Burlesque specializes in showcasing a variety of genres ranging from Traditional Classic Burlesque to what is now commonly known as Neo-Burlesque or Caburlesque. By fusing sensual self-expression, dance, the art of tease and decadent costumes with clever gimmicks, props or bawdy humour; our professional Burlesque Artistes promise to keep you tastefully titillated at the edge of your seat from the start to finish of every show.

Black Orchid Burlesque South Africa 2021 Logo

Our Story

Black Orchid Burlesque S.A. was started in December 2007 by Diva Disastar and Phoenix le Feu (now known as the gorgeous Scar-Lit Hearts) in Cape Town.

With a passion for burlesque and vintage aesthetic, these determined showgirls-to-be set out to entertain audiences with something still brand-spanking new in South Africa. 

It was not long before King St. Fox joined the ranks as stage manager and backstage assistant, before taking over as full time producer in 2010.

Through the years we have collaborated with incredible creative teams in the burlesque, music festival and circus realms; providing other performers access to performance opportunities in these fields while creating beautiful mischief on stages across S.A., Namibia, and the UK. 

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